Model 1887

Lever-action Shotgun Chambered in 12ga

weapon (ranged)

Model 1887
Buckshot= 6d6 damage in 2 squares -1 d6 per square over 2
slugs= 2d10 in 6 squares
cocking is free action
Reload Minor


The Model 1887 was the first truly successful repeating shotgun. Its lever-action design was chosen at the behest of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, best known at the time as manufacturers of lever-action firearms such as the Winchester model 1873. Designer John Browning suggested that a pump-action would be much more appropriate for a repeating shotgun, but Winchester management’s position was that, at the time, the company was known as a “lever-action firearm company”, and felt that their new shotgun must also be a lever-action for reasons of brand recognition. Browning responded by designing a breech-loading, rolling block lever-action. To Winchester’s credit, however, they later introduced a Browning designed pump-action shotgun known as the Model 1893 (an early production version of the model 1897), after the introduction of smokeless powder.

Model 1887

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